Sep 16, 2010

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CHSA Bylaws and Guidelines

CHSA Bylaws and Guidelines (printable PDF).  This is also found at the end of the CHSA Membership Application.


The purpose of Coppell Home School Association is two-fold:

  1. To help our members educate their children at home by offering guidance, fellowship, informational resources, and support from a Christian perspective.
  2. To provide activities that enhance the academic, spiritual, social, and physical development of the home schooled children within our membership.


Members may participate in all CHSA events as long as guidelines for conduct and respect for CBF church property are adhered to.  Members will receive online access to all posted information as well as weekly e-newsletters, and ID cards.  Members agree to volunteer in some capacity during the membership year – any person from a member family may fulfill this.

Qualifications for membership in CHSA:

  1. Family must be homeschooling at least one of their children.
  2. Family must pay annual membership dues.
  3. Family must sign the Statement of Faith and Liability Waiver.
  4. Family must agree to abide by CHSA Bylaws and Guidelines.


All team leaders are accountable to each other and will be responsible for establishing annual dues, creating an organizational structure that will effectively carry out the purpose of CHSA, and fulfilling their responsibilities (as set out in the CHSA Team Member descriptions) for the duration of the current membership year.  Reimbursable expenses must be submitted to the treasurer within 30 days.

Leaders are responsible for finding a suitable replacement and providing training should they be unable to fulfill their duty for the entire school year. Each team leader should strive to document their duties and procedures to ease future transitions in leadership.

Team leaders agree to handle disputes in a Christ-like manner.


  1. Reservations for a field trip and payment of any fees must be made by the deadline specified in the newsletter.
  2. Each parent is responsible for the conduct of their children. Arrange with another parent to supervise your child if you cannot be present. YOU are responsible!
  3. The Field Trip Coordinator has the final say in allowing members to invite a non-member family to attend a particular field trip.   Children that are guests will not be allowed without their parent(s).
  4. Each parent is responsible to prepare their child for the field trip. Children should understand the importance of making a good impression; therefore, when attending field trips, please dress your children appropriately.   Remember we may be the only contact some people ever have with homeschoolers.  Let’s leave a good impression with them.
  5. Make sure children use the restroom before the field trip starts.
  6. If you are unable to attend, please cancel your reservations with the coordinator.
  7. Arrive at the field trip location early to show respect for and not delay members who have arrived on time.  Being on time is extremely important to allow all members to get the best seats, not miss the start of a tour, etc.   If you are running late it is your responsibility to contact the coordinator of that field trip and let them know your situation.  They may need to proceed without you and give you instructions for catching up with the group. 
  8. Each field trip is intended for a specific age group. Adherence to these guidelines will make the field trip more beneficial to those attending. Exceptions should be approved by the coordinator in advance.


When attending CHSA and H-DOT events that are held at Coppell Bible Fellowship (CBF):

  1. Be mindful of your child’s conduct and show respect for church staff and church property.
  2. Clean up after yourself and your family and do not use supplies that belong to CBF.  Any accidental spills or damage that you cannot take care of should be reported to a CHSA team leader immediately.  CBF graciously allows CHSA to use their facilities even though there is no affiliation between CHSA and CBF.  All members must take care to respect CBF’s generosity.

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